• Add some Sparkle and Shine to an ordinary day with our new 

    Purple Galaxy Spoolies® Curlers

    After many requests from our "purple" loving customers, we finally produced a curler that is sure to please the most discriminating purple fans. To add a bit of fun and excitement we decided to make the curlers shimmer and shine for a one-of-a-kind experience. We are all about the pizzazz!

    We were surprised and pleased that Pantone decided that Purple is the Color of the Year for 2018. Check it out here:

    You can also mix and match our colors of medium and jumbo size Spoolies® curlers for a less uniform, but natural look to your curls. We hope you enjoy this new amazing color!

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  • Spoolies factory in California Quality Integrity

    Why do we make our Spoolies curlers in the U.S.A.?

    We had many false starts in manufacturing Spoolies due to U.S. companies who had a partnership, or owned a factory, overseas. They encouraged our owner to use their overseas factory since the curlers were lightweight and could ship easily. Plus, the cost would be less than 1/2, since labor was very inexpensive overseas.

    Finally, after many disappointments in workmanship, our owner, Jeanne James, found a factory in Southern California who made only medical-grade silicone products.

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  • Laptop donations well received at girls' high school in Kitale, Kenya.

    It was the highlight of our trip to Kenya this fall, when we met the girls for the first time and presented the laptop computers we brought from California! Spoolies founder Jeanne James and her son, Jeff James, visited the site of the girls' high school at Sister Freda's Foundation. The students were very excited to meet them and to receive the laptop computers that Spoolies donated.

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