Spoolies Education Projects and Scholarships for Girls

Spoolies, Inc.

Mission: Our mission is to improve the health and education of women and girls in Kenya by partnering with local institutions to provide comprehensive healthcare services and education. Through our collaboration with the community hospital, girls’ high school, and nursing college, we aim to empower women and girls with the knowledge and resources they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. We are committed to promoting gender equality, reducing maternal and child mortality, and creating sustainable change within communities. Our goal is to create a brighter future for women and girls in Kenya, one that is marked by improved health outcomes, expanded educational opportunities, and increased opportunities for success.




Spoolies has partnered with Children's H.E.L.P. and currently provides full scholarships for orphaned and impoverished girls through Sister Freda's Foundation in Kitale, Kenya. Spoolies has also donated bunk beds, a keyboard, laptop computers, food and school supplies. Providing scholarships and supplies has helped many girls fulfill their dreams of attending secondary school and college. Your purchase and support has given hope and a promising future for these girls. 

The high school and nursing college are located on the same campus. The high school provides the classes required for admission to nursing college, and the nursing college provides the education and training for young women to earn a living and meet the dire need for medical care in the community.

Sister Freda’s Foundation (SFF) operates a girls' high school, a nursing college, a nursery school/feeding program for vulnerable children, and HIV/AIDS testing and counseling.  Sr. Freda also operates a hospital and clinic that provides access to community healthcare services as well as outreach clinics in local slums, refugee camps, and rural villages. 

Girls' High School: In 2014, Sister Freda opened a girls' high school and dormitory to provide a quality education for high achieving young women who would not have the opportunity to get an education due to lack of financial support. 

Nursing College: Nzoia College of Nursing is a private college and dormitory. The college offers: Diploma course - Kenya Registered Nurse, approved by Nursing Council of Kenya. The first graduating class was in 2014.

Nzoia is listed as one of the best nursing colleges in Kenya:


Donate to Education Projects for Girls: If you would like to donate to help the girls, please email info@spoolies.com to the attention of our owner Jeanne James and she will send you more information about donating to Children's H.E.L.P. 501c3 charity.


We thank you, and the girls thank you, for your support.

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Spoolies, Jeanne James donating computers to Sister Freda's Girls' High School in Kenya 

Spoolies donated laptop computers for the girls' high school.

Here is Jeanne James, Owner, Spoolies, and Sr. Freda. 2015


Spoolies donation laptop computers, Jeanne James, Sr. Freda Girls' High School, Kitale Kenya   Spoolies, Jeanne James at Nzoia Nursing College, Kitale Kenya

1.) Jeanne delivers Spoolies laptop computer donations for girls' high school. 2017

2.) Nursing students greeting Jeanne, in Kenya. 2017


Spoolies girls high school donation bunkbeds_Sr. Freda_Kenya

Jeanne with principal, Miss Emmy, at girls' high school. Spoolies donated funds to purchase bunkbeds for the girls dormitory. 2017


Spoolies donation, keyboard for girls high school in Kitale Kenya with Sr. Freda

Spoolies keyboard donation for girls' high school. 2018.

This student has written 25 songs!


Spoolies Girls' Education Kenya_Sister Freda_Charity Donation

Three of our scholarship recipients at the girls' high school. 2018


Spoolies_Nzoia Nursing College_Kitale Kenya_Sister Freda_OWI

Two of our scholarship recipients at the Nzoia Nursing College. 2018


Spoolies_Sister Freda_Kitale Kenya_Nzoia Nursing College

Lovely photo of Sr. Freda. "Sister" describes a nurse in Kenya. 2018


 Spoolies girls' high school, Naomy and Valentine, Kitale Kenya 

High school students. 2018


Spoolies nursing college students scholarships, Kitale, Kenya, Sr. Freda

Nursing college scholarship students. 2018



Photo of Sister Freda and high school Kenyan girls. 2014