Testimonials for Spoolies® Original Heatless Hair Curlers

We love hearing from our customers. Since the original Spoolies curlers were popular nationwide in the 1960s, many ladies remember them from their youth, but the new Spoolies are much improved with a new patented design and made from silicone in the USA - and have received attention from all ages of girls and ladies. Thanks for your feedback! 

Read below and find out what customers are saying about Spoolies!


I am wondering how many Spoolies you would recommend to use on a full head of hair.  These seem like they would be great for travel, and I want to be sure I have enough.  ~ M. Thompson

Our answer: Great question! You will need one or two boxes of 24 curlers, depending on the thickness of your hair and if you are only curling the ends. Customers with natural Afro-textured hair have reported using 3 boxes of 24 curlers. A box of 12 is usually fine for a child, or to curl a pony tail or for an adult with very fine hair. Our Mesh Travel Bag is perfect for storing your Spoolies!

Wow! A real Spoolies site, again. I forwarded it to friends, who along with myself, have lots of "Spoolie" memories.  ~ G. Baskin, TX

I bought the Spoolies 5-Pack for a small gift for a friend's birthday at work. I was surprised at how nice the packaging is and she really liked the gift.  ~ Margaret, CA

I was just speaking to my hair stylist and asked if she remembered Spoolies! I'm 75 years young and used Spoolies when I was 14 through high school!  I'm glad to know you are still around.  ~ L. Owensby, FL

Thank you for this wonderful product, not only did it ship rather quickly the personal note and gift made the product even that much better. I was using the imitation spoolies and wondered if there was a difference and there sure was. These were not only bigger but allowed for my flexibility as a result of the silicone. I have natural Afro-textured hair and these curlers worked wonders. Beautiful ringlets. So happy I ran across this product on YouTube. Thank you again ~ Tamara Union, NJ

These 5 packs of curlers were great to give as Christmas stocking stuffers! The girls put them in each others hair and had a good time - the best they got along all day. Now I am going to buy more so the girls can have a full head of curls and not borrow from each other. Good to get the 5 pack if you just want to try them out and the packaging is so cute it makes a great gift. ~T. Gonzalez, GA