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  •        Spoolies® Curlers on Rachael Ray with Gretta Monahan Spoolies® Curlers on Rachael Ray with Gretta Monahan -2

           Spoolies® Curlers on Rachael Ray with Gretta Monahan - 3


                      Did you catch our show on Rachael Ray with Gretta Monahan?

    We loved seeing Gretta try our Spoolies® curlers. She demonstrated wrapping the curlers in her hair and then achieved a new look with volume and soft beach waves. Gretta gave a thumbs up and told Rachael she "recommends" Spoolies®!

    We really like her new look! Thank you Rachael and Gretta for trying our Spoolies® on air and for getting the word out about our curlers. You made our day!!

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