• Nice! Our Spoolies Hair Curlers are available at Walmart Supercenters! You can purchase a 9-pack of our Jumbo size to style your hair in beach waves & curls. They create tighter, more defined curls if you leave them in overnight. You'll want to purchase more than one pack to do your entire h... View Post
  • Travel with ease with our sweet Spoolies in their mesh bag. Spoolies are heatless so they will work anywhere in the world! No connectivity issues, and they create many different styles from loose waves to bouncy curls. Just the right hairstyle for a relaxing day or evening out.  You choose the l... View Post
  • Just in time for Summer - our glow-in-the-dark curlers sale! Heatless curls on warm summer nights. Great for traveling and sleep-over parties. Fun for the young girls . . . and the big girls like them, too! Pairs well with our jumbo size beachy blue or gold edition. Create the type of curl you wa... View Post