Spoolies for Travel, heatless curlers made in the USA

Travel with ease with our sweet Spoolies in their mesh bag. Spoolies are heatless so they will work anywhere in the world! No connectivity issues, and they create many different styles from loose waves to bouncy curls. Just the right hairstyle for a relaxing day or evening out. 

You choose the look you want. Leave them in 10 minutes for texture, 30 minutes for loose waves, or 1 hour for ringlets.

If you sleep in Spoolies, your will have super bouncy tight curls. Remember to remove carefully as to not tangle in your hair since Spoolies have a non-slip surface.

Where is your next stop? Anywhere in the glorious world!

**Our new beach waves & curls spray is 4 ounces. Check back again for our 2 ounce travel version - available soon.