Spoolies hair curlers back to school do's and don'ts

Spoolies® Do's and Don'ts for the perfect back to school curly hairdo.

Do a test first.

Find your CURL TIME by testing a couple hair strands … the longer you leave the Spoolies® in, the curlier your hair will be. 

Don’t pull or tug.

Gently wiggle curlers back and forth to remove them. You don’t want to pull out your hair. Practice wrapping and unwrapping a few times to get the hang of it.

Do lightly spritz hair.

Use a sprayer bottle or your fingers to moisten each strand of hair before using the Spoolies®.

Don’t soak your hair. 

After washing your hair, let it dry out naturally or with a blow dryer until just a little damp. Otherwise, it will take forever to set the curls. 
* Kinky / Afro-textured hair will need more moisture and time to set the curls properly. Overnight is best!

Do curl up in bed with your curlers.

Spoolies are soft and comfy and you’ll totally wake up with fab curls in the morning!