Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice - that's what Little Girls in Spoolies® Curls are Made of!

Bringing back Spoolies curlers has awakened memories of the "Happy Days" of years past and family traditions that mothers and daughters shared. I remember being a little girl like my nephew's daughter above, and my mother would help me put Spoolies in my hair while I got ready for bed. It was a double blessing since my mom would slow down and relax as we spent time together one on one when she curled my hair.

It was a time of trusting, asking questions and sharing confidences. Sometimes she would give me advice or teach me about her faith or she would just listen as I told her about my day. Then, off to bed with a hug and a prayer and the assurance that everything was right with the world.

In the morning, it was fun to see the curls and ringlets in my hair and to know I looked my best as I ran out the door to church or school. In some ways, Spoolies were so much more than just a hair curler to me! :-)