Romantic Curls-Valentine's Day

Plan to curl your hair with Spoolies® for Valentine's Day? Valentine's Day brings out the romantic side of fashion so why not try something new?

   ♥ Want loose waves? - try putting up your hair in a high ponytail and just curl the ends with Spoolies® Hair Curlers for lots of volume with loose waves.

   ♥ Want tighter curlers or retro-pin curls? Start at the top of the head and wind hair around Spoolies® curlers close to the scalp in small strands, combed smooth.

The longer the curlers are left in the hair, the tighter the curls. For curls-on-the-go, use a curl setting product and a dryer to warm and set curls.


Curls frame your face with softness and grace, and heads will turn as YOU take your place.

Be THAT girl!

♥ Happy Valentine's Day to All ♥