•                   Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Spoolies Hair Curlers

                Spoolies Hair Curlers old 50s Ad Spoolies Hair Curlers Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

               We have enjoyed the show "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!" 

    Many of our customers have tried the look of curled hair once again. Thank you for all the calls, cards, well wishes and remembrance of our famous Spoolies® Curlers brand. We make them in the U.S.A. and they are available in many other colors besides the original pink, black, and brown. 

    Hey, Mrs. Maisel - all you have to do is ask . . . and we will send you a bag of our curlers anytime!

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  •        Spoolies® Curlers on Rachael Ray with Gretta Monahan Spoolies® Curlers on Rachael Ray with Gretta Monahan -2

           Spoolies® Curlers on Rachael Ray with Gretta Monahan - 3


                      Did you catch our show on Rachael Ray with Gretta Monahan?

    We loved seeing Gretta try our Spoolies® curlers. She demonstrated wrapping the curlers in her hair and then achieved a new look with volume and soft beach waves. Gretta gave a thumbs up and told Rachael she "recommends" Spoolies®!

    We really like her new look! Thank you Rachael and Gretta for trying our Spoolies® on air and for getting the word out about our curlers. You made our day!!

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  •         Spoolies Hair Curlers Valentine's Day 2018

            Sugar and spice and everything nice - that's what little girls are made of!

    See our sweet nieces Ella and Kayla who are two of our favorite models. They are best friends and love to spend time together, playing, running around the house, and getting beautified with Spoolies® curlers and lip gloss. Aren't they adorable?

    Here at Spoolies® we wish you a Happy Valentine's Day and send our love and hugs to you. May you have a day filled with happiness and smiles . . . and if curly hair and lip gloss follows - we think you'll have an especially fun day.

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