Spoolies Hair Curlers - Manufacturing USA

Visiting our factory in San Clemente, California and watching Spoolies curlers come out of the injection mold is exciting and fun! Their bright pink color just dazzles as they are removed from the molding machine. Spoolies are manufactured in a "clean room" and everyone must wear a protective head covering and lab coat, we even have covers on our shoes! After the hair curlers come out of the mold, they need to cool, then they are inspected and ready to be packaged. Everything about Spoolies production is refined to the highest level.

Spoolies are made of medical-grade silicone which is super strong, heat resistant, and will not crack or break - the perfect combination for a hair curler. You can be confident that your purchase is important to us and your Spoolies Hair Curlers are 100% guaranteed!