Hair Extensions - No Problem!

Spoolies Hair Curlers - Hair Extensions

Spoolies® are perfect for curling hair extensions ahead of time! Pre-curl extensions for special occasions at home or away. One hairstylist wrote that she loves to pre-curl hair extensions for a bride's hair on her wedding day. The extensions are ready to go and she can easily insert the curled strands into the hair and avoid using a curling iron which takes more time and can damage the delicate hair. 

For extra long hair extensions, two curlers per stand may be used piggyback style. Wrap the strand until the curler is full and snap closed, then place a second curler under the first one to finish wrapping the hair . . . Voila! Spoolies are a safe heatless curling system for lasting curls in your hair extensions. We hope you will try them for yourself and see how easy and fun they are to use!