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Spoolies® Hair Curlers - A Retro Favorite, redesigned for Classic Curls with a Modern Twist!  Made in USA with new patented technology. They're silicone and heat resistant. You just wrap a section of dry hair around the curler and fold the top piece down to secure. They're super easy to use, ...

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Stacy Cox with Jumbo Spoolies!

September 01, 2016

Here's our SnapChat video with Stacy Cox, National TV Correspondent & Beauty Blogger from CosmoProf Beauty Show 2016 with inventor of today's...

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Interview - Modern Salon Ma...

August 26, 2016

Great interview with Spoolies founder, Jeanne James, by Modern Salon Magazine. You can see the interview here: http://www.modernsalon.com/news/manufacturers-and-distributors/memo-exclusive-interview-jeanne-james-spoolies  

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